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If you are a buyer: contact us and we will arrange the meeting with you. We will show you how the platform works and in the end - if you decide to do so - we will conclude the agreement with you.

If you are a supplier: ask your buyer, whether he has already joined Cashy. If yes – ask him for the invitation. If no – encourage him to contact us. You do not have to conclude the agreement with us - we only require you to accept terms & conditions of the platform and to have a mandate to represent your company.

If you are a buyer: to simplify assume, that Cashy charges you 10% of revenue (discount) you get from the early payments of invoices. Cashy earns when suppliers actively use it. In addition, we offer you the support in onboarding of your company and your suppliers on Cashy and the tools which will help you to integrate your systems with Cashy. The optional onboarding/integration fee is negotiated individually.

If you are a supplier: you pay only for the early payments. You accept the cost every time, individually for each early payment. There is no registration fee – if you don't use early payments, then you pay nothing for Cashy.

We do not require any financial statements or certificates from the buyers. If you are your company representative and you are mentioned in a company register (in Poland: KRS/CEIDG) we only need your ID to identify you. If you are not mentioned there, you need to show us your mandate to conclude agreements on behalf of your company.
The supplier does not conclude any agreement, we require him to accept the terms & conditions of Cashy platform and to have a mandate to represent his company in order to complete the verification process.

You should expect to get the payment on the expected payment date that you stated when you accepted your buyer's offer. Please remember that the payment goes to you directly from your buyer.

You don't. At the end of the month you will get from your buyer the aggregate invoice. The invoice amount will be equal to the sum of the invoice discounts that you granted your buyer for the early payments.

Of course you can. The limit is only for you and you can change it anytime.

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