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We believe that cooperation is most important in crisis!

Cashy wants to support the companies fighting the crisis. For that reason we offer to all B2B clients 3 months free access to Cashy platform. For Polish companies Cashy experts have prepared a free report on how to preserve a supply chain during the crisis thanks to Cashy and government-backed loan repayment guarantees (available only in Polish). Furthermore we have launched the - a marketplace that allows Polish companies to find free help from specialist of many areas or offer their support to other, struggling entrepreneurs.

We hope that our activities will help the companies to face the crisis!

Free access to the Cashy platform

On Cashy platform you can offer to your supplier an early invoice payment and get a premium in return. Thanks to that you reduce cost of products and services and help your suppliers in times of crisis. Learn more about Cashy.

  • 3-month free access to the Cashy platform for companies that want to use their surplus or unutilised credit limit to pay earlier to their suppliers in exchange for premium.*
  • When you use Cashy for free, you should limit the level of premium up to 10% p.a. as we want the suppliers to get competitive financing.
  • Cashy offers free service support for buyers and suppliers

  • *free access period will be automatically extended by 3 months if pandemic status in Poland will not be withdrawn.

  • Check our offer


You offer support to your key suppliers through improvement of their cash-flow

You have an opportunity to earn on your surplus or unutilised credit limit

You shorten and digitize document workflow

Cashy can integrate with your ERP

Cashy has launched - a marketplace, where Polish entrepreneurs can offer their support or find help offered by experts. It's free of charge or for charitable donation.

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