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Why it is worth to use Cashy

As a buyer, you have many supplier who are complaining about long payment terms and the limited access to the short term funding. The suppliers are important to you, but phone calls regarding invoices status and down payments can be irritating. You are also frustrated with low bank deposit rates. The solution is Cashy - platform, which allows you to earn on discount and, at the same time, to eliminate suppliers' payment lags.

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Opportunity to earn

Even 10x more comparing to bank deposit – early payment monthly margins significantly exceed bank deposit revenues.

Improve financial liquidity

Due to invoice early payment you will improve your Suppliers' financial liquidity and flexibility.

Online platform

Arrangements concerning invoice payment status and discounts are made online without phone calls and emails conversations.

Minimum of formalities

A very simple and convenient registration process without an agreement for the supplier.  There is no need to issue a corrective invoice by the supplier.

High tech solution

The Cashy offer for
the buyers

Your financial surpluses are used for the early payments of your suppliers' invoices.

  • you can earn even 24% p.a.!
  • the whole process of arrangements with your supplier is made online
  • giving the discount for the early payment does not require the corrective invoice
  • you pay only for indisputable invoices from suppliers who were invited on the platform by you

How it works

Step 1

Conclude the agreement

You conclude the agreement with Cashy and you set the discount limit - you define how much money you want to spend on invoice early payments.

Step 2

Invite your suppliers

You decide for whom and on what conditions the invoice early payment will be available.

Step 3

Enter the invoices on the Platform

You decide for which invoices the early payment will be available and the Supplier will be informed about your offer.

Step 4

Make the invoice early payment

You pay directly to you Supplier an invoice amount reduced by an agreed discount.

Financial liquidity improvement tool

What Cashy offers to
the Suppliers

An access to the earlier cash has never been so simple.

  • the access to the cheaper financing – the Suppliers don't have to take payday loans or microfactoring.
  • opportunity to decide whether and when to get the early payment - they can flexibly manage their cashflow
  • the online contact with a buyer - an effective & convenient way of the negotiations with contractor
  • no corrective invoice required – just 1 click needed to accept the invoice early payment
  • minimum of formalities – no agreement with Cashy, just terms & conditions of using the platform

How it works

Step 1

Invitation email

The supplier receives from the buyer invitation to the Cashy platform via email - the supplier completes registration form and goes through verification process.

Step 2


The supplier gets the early payment offer for his invoice – it contains cost (discount) for the early payment, which was defined by the buyer. The supplier decides whether and when to get the early payment.

Step 3


After the approval of the early payment the supplier gets the payment for the invoice. The payment is made by the buyer via his own current account. The invoice amount is reduced by an agreed by the supplier early payment discount. .

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