Early payments for the construction industry

Simple and without unnecessary formalities

Your subcontractors want to accelerate payment, and you care about supporting them in maintaining liquidity?
Looking for savings and want to come up with an offer of early payment?

Automate the settlement process using the Cashy platform

No additional phone calls or emails to the accounting department - everything on a modern online platform.

How it works?

Invite selected subcontractors to the platform and specify the terms for faster payment.
Upload invoices to the platform.
Subcontractors choose an earlier payment date. If they need it.
Pay on the new date selected on the platform by the subcontractor, and Cashy supports you in accounting for payments.


  • High and risk-free return rates.
  • Digitization and automation of processes thanks to integration with the financial and accounting system and electronic banking.
  • Strengthening subcontractor relationships. Faster payment can sometimes save a subcontractor's liquidity.
  • No more phone calls or emails. Subcontractors can see the status of their invoices and their payments, even if they don't need expedited payment at the moment.

Have questions?

Traditional cash discount vs Cashy

Cashy is better than factoring

For your organization

  • Greater savings

    You save on early payment, not the factoring company.

  • Flexibility

    You decide whom to invite, manage pricing for subcontractors, as well as the source of funding.

  • No assignment of invoices

    Subcontractors receive payment earlier directly from you.

  • Customization

    The system is offered in a white-label model. Subcontractors see the system as if it belongs to your company.

For subcontractor

  • Lower cost

    Registration on the platform is free, and the cost of accelerating invoice payment is lower because the subcontractor settles directly with you, not with a financial institution.

  • Elimination of paperwork

    The subcontractor does not sign any contract or provide any security.

  • Everything in one place

    The subcontractor sees all added invoices on one platform and has transparent information about the terms of early payment.

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