Pay earlier

earn more

Use your working capital to get extra savings on early payments for the settlements with your suppliers.

Get your payments


You decide when you get your invoice paid in exchange of small fee.

What is Cashy

Cashy is an early payment discount platform that helps companies to settle new payment dates of their invoices.

We encourage buyers to use their working capital to manage the cash flow needs of their suppliers. Thanks to Cashy you get extra savings, and your suppliers have access to competitive financing when they need it.

No more calls or emails with your suppliers. Cashy facilitates the confirmation of new payment date and the fee.

How it works


Buyer adds invoices to Cashy

Invite chosen suppliers to Cashy, upload the invoices and set the price of early payments.
It takes no more than 30 minutes a week.

Supplier chooses early payment

Choose invoice's new payment date and accept the cost.
Everything in just 2 clicks.

Buyer pays

Transfer the invoice amount deducted by the cost of early payment.
Cashy generates ready to use invoice bundles.

Why Cashy is unique

  • The only dynamic discounting platform in Poland
  • Proactive approach to B2B invoice settlements
  • Great UX
  • Access on mobile and desktop
  • Full integration with buyer's ERP and electronic banking
  • Easy online process

How much do I pay

Access to Cashy is free of charge for suppliers.

Suppliers pay a fee for the invoice early payment. Cashy earns a small success fee from the buyer's revenue.