Pay earlier

pay less

  • Working capital is used to get extra savings and support the suppliers
  • Extra revenue without risk as you pay earlier for undisputable invoices
  • Higher ROI than on bank deposits, even 1-2% for 30 days payment acceleration
  • Sound supply chain — limited risk of supplier's bankruptcy
  • Strengthening relations with your suppliers — get better control over their cash flow

How much you can earn

% of the invoice amount for accelerating payment
Monthly average per supplier
Estimated revenue
PLN 900,000.00 / year
PLN 75,000.00 / month

Case studies

Benefit from early payments

  • Meet us at 30 min free phone/video consultation
  • Sign a contract and get access to the system
  • Earn a premium for your first accelerated payment

Let us tell you how Cashy can bring extra profit to your company with the inovice early payment.